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Mt. Porte Crayon

The Canaan Reserves


Canaan Reserves

With approximately 12,000 acres of ranch and timberlands, the Callen family manages some of the most unique wildlands in West Virginia. Most of the properties are private inholdings within the Monongahela National Forest, one of the largest wildland areas in the Central Appalachian Mountains. Many groups of organisms reach their greatest levels of diversity, not in the tropics, but in the Central Appalachian Mountains. Some of the best remaining large intact blocks of important habitats in the Eastern U.S. are here.


The lands are innovatively managed to combine ranch and farm viability with ecological sustainability relying principally on grazing, hunting, and ecosystem services together with highly selective timber management. The reserves regularly partner on projects to improve the conservation of water resources and habitats for native species. The trustees wish to thank Kent Mason, Conservationist, and Photographer, who generously provided the photos for this website.

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